Refind work Refind work Blue Girl Collage Most of these pieces comprise both front, back and sides. this is the back of a sold piece constructed around a "Blue Girl" paper doll that my daughter made. 71717209 Jerry Box - Bottom Box built with a Jerry Garcia theme. Sold. 71717210 Obsessed Box Built from salvaged black walnut around the cover of a pulp novel called "The Obsessed". Sold 71717212 Moon Girl Box One of my favorites. More black walnut. Sold very quickly. 71717213 Red Rabbit Brick Another from the beach brick project. Still available 71717214 The Return of Grandma This dour grandma cried out for a festive setting. The rear appears below. This piece has been sold. 71717216 The Return Of Grandma - rear Computer constructed collage of a drawing I made years ago of the hand of John Lee Hooker overlaid with the text of a letter from my friend Johnathan in London. 71718686 Silver Surfer Box - top I found this old belt buckle while walking Isha. Built a box around it with wood from an old desk. Sold at Refind 71717217 Victoria Box A subtle favorite. Also sold at Refind. 71717218 Monkeys I use a lot of Magic Lantern slides in my pieces. I try to lay them over images that belong with them. Usually I place a secret object or objects sealed inside known only to me. I've been contacted a few times by people that have purchased a piece asking me to divulge the "contents". Never told a soul. 71717219